Departure: Paris – Pisa   July 3rd 2013

We will go to Fede’s home for few days before heading east. By train or bus we will visit some friends in Switzerland and Germany on our way to Poland.

Italie – Switzerland – Germany – Czech Republic – Poland – Lithuania – Latvia – Estonia – Finland – Russia – Mongolia – China – South Korea – Hong Kong – Vietnam – Cambodia – Laos – Thailand – Myanmar – Singapore –  Australia – India –  Iran – Armenia – Turkey – Greece – Macedonia – Croatia –  Italiy – Brazil

As well at the end of our wanderland journey we plan to spend one month at Fede”s hometown before going to Brazil. It will be time to arrive to see some matches of the 2014 World Cup

Rome – Sao Paulo June 10th 2014


2 thoughts on “itinerary

  1. Nayeli and I passed by your apartment this morning, she wanted to stop by and say hi, but we were already late for the pool. I took advantage of the situation to explain to her that soon Cadu and Fede will be embarking on a very long adventure. That you will be visiting many different countries and that we would have to see you through skype to see how you guys were. Nayeli has a world map puzzle and I told her that next time you guys come over you will show her all the countries you will be visiting…….

    • So cute of her! 3 years old and she has already her repairs! Next time stop by! It was nice having Luc yesterday here to watch the game!
      We will show to Nayeli our way through the world map!
      and we willing keep watch her grow by photos, skype, etc

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