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We are not the most worried people about the health issues. However it’s always good to avoid to get ill with simple measures or a tiny injection. We are going to take the minimum of vaccines normally are advised in travel websites. We went to our doctor here Paris and he gave us the prescription for these three vaccines:

– Repevax ® for Tetanus. This vaccine includes as well Diphtheria, Whooping cough and Polio (around 25€);
Havrix ® for Hepatitis A (around 25€);
Typhim Vi ® for Typhoid Fever (around 35€);

(price reference-May 2013)

Cadu as Brazilian had to take the Yellow Fever just to avoids problems at the borders of some countries which this vaccine is demanded for Brazilians citizens. (around 36€)

A lot of french blogs advises Air France vaccine center near Invalides. But with with a little research on internet you can find several places where you can get the injection closer of your place. Most of the vaccines are not refunded by the french social security.  I have found the CMETE (a medical center used by companies who pretend to send their employees to work abroad).  We went there and we fairly recommend it. Very professional personal, and open to discuss all your doubts about diseases and medicament.

The doctor who received us also recommended the Japanese Encephalitis vaccine for both of us because we are staying in a risk zone for more than 4 weeks. We decided not to take it once we will be in the region during the dry season. Normally this vaccine is given in two shots with 28 days difference of each other. The great problem: THE PRICE (98€ each, what makes almost 200€ for one person).

After Fede did a medical consultation, she made a blood sample to verify her immunity against Hepatitis B and Measles. But we think it was silly to do.

Reading other travelers blogs we can find all kind of versions. The most scared one mention other vaccines the had like Rage or Meningitis. We think it’s unnecessary. Better not play with street dogs during the trip!

If you are hypochondriac or found of diseases you can make a deeper research on one of these three very detailed websites:

Center for Diseases Control and Prevention-CDC

Fit for Travel

International Society for Travel Medicine


The main question: Taking the Malaria medicament or not!?

Our doctor and the nurse at CMETE highly recommended taking Malarone, but restricting its use just to the period we will be more exposed, that means, in rice fields areas, in the jungle, rural zones. It’s a pricy medicament. We don’t want to take it unnecessarily. When we went to Madagascar we took Savarina. But it was the dry season. We were very well protected against the mosquito already. I think we could have avoided taking it. Specially because it may have some side effects.

The body tolerates better the Malarone than Savarina.

Other medicaments
Ercefuryl and Arestal for stomachache and Paracetamol as anti-inflammatory. Aspirin is not recommended in zones where you are exposed to Dengue Fever. And a Antiseptic Ointment. Not more than this.

Mosquito protection
our doctor will send us a list of products that are proved to be efficient.

Sun protection
we are found of Avene products. Dermatologist recommend it, and they have a good and light smell.

Other stuff
first aid kit, just to say we are taking it. Humm, actually, we haven’t take it to Madagascar and Cadu needed it when he cut his foot… Better have it with us.


Our credit card American Express covers us for 90 days; However for trips during more than 90 days, credit card insurances in general may not cover you once you don’t have the return ticket. And even if they cover it can be really tricky. You better inform yourself. We were considering to do 3 months with the credit card and the rest of the trip we would get a 6 months contract. Not anymore!

We are still in the research of a good and fare price one.

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