1 -Administration before leaving

– We will rent our studio in Paris to pay the mortgage.

– For our work to both of us our employers will give us a 9 months sabbatical period .

– Taxes: We have to assure the payment of our taxes while we are away. Knowing that in France we are now paying the taxes of the year 2012. It seems obvious but we have to plan all the expenses with automatic payments because often we will be in some zones with .

2 – Budget on road

– We will finance our trip with personal savings. However our current budget doesn’t allow us to acquire a professional equipment. We tried to get some sponsoring for smaller things. However it seemed more difficult than we thought. We applied the demands a bit too late. We would have more chances if we have started the process the year before.

– After some researches in several blogs, we are planning to spend during the trip 35€ per day per person or 17.850 € total for 8 and a half months traveling, including all tranportation, food, stayings and other extras.

we will upload our experiences on this post during the trip.

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