before leaving

This section will be uploaded during our trip with our experiences.

To prepare our trip we have visited several blogs and travel websites or forum, such as Lonely Planet, Routard mostly in French or Mochilão aiming the Brazilian public. And we noticed that we can find different kinds and levels of information and tips on each one of them. It’s a huge community of travelers that want to share their experiences but help others as well. We want to be part of it.

In a website like Lonely Planet you will get in contact with general information about the countries, good addresses, solid background. But it is in each one of the countless blogs that you will be able to be updated faster. Each case is one case. Maybe you will identify better with a globetrotter that had the same troubles that you.

In our case, we are still searching blogs of couples who have different nationalities, and ask themselves the same questions we do, like:
– In which language the blog will be written…
– Passing some borders with different passports

On the other hand, having the Portuguese and Italian as mother languages, French as the language we use everyday, and English as a fourth language, help us a lot in communicating in more people and being able to search information in blogs of different languages.


Trains and buses will be the ways of transport that will be privileged in our adventure. This choice goes along with our traveling philosophy based on the concept of meeting people and sharing experiences.

Trains buses and the stations are places where lots of people passes everyday and they feel more free to talk and tell theirs stories. A trip in the heart of a territory must be done by land. It makes us discover singular places and people

We will take the plane just in some cases : to cross certain borders (i.e. between Thailand and Myanmar) or to go to Australia or South Korea.


We will stay at your place if you invite me. The practice of couchsurfing is familiar to us and it revels essential to our project. In 8 years we have opened the doors of our Parisian apartment to many friends. Travelers students and with all of them we experienced great moments. Now it’s our time to take something new and exotic to those who accept to receive us

Blog seems to us the best way tosh are out experience. It will be written in English and then translated to French, Italian and Portuguese to aim a public even larger
We don’t want to just write a Chronically in the strict sense, but put in evidence the things that slowly will be reviling to us. The simplicity is one of the conductors of our way of doing , the blog will have a easy reading and clearly structured.

Once we come back to France we will search partners to show in an exhibition what we produced during our trip.


I hope our experience will be useful for many people!

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