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Fede & Cadu: an Italian and a Brazilian who have met each other in Paris 7 years ago. a story than led us to a wedding , but also to wonderful trips and soon the longest and the most expected of all our lives!

Fede + Cadu

Fede + Cadu

FEDE – Federica Cecchi

Age  : 33

Formation : Foreign Languages ant Literature at Florence University + Erasmus study abroad in Madrid

Currently  : I am a manager of a shoe shop in the Parisian neighborhood of Marais; what satisfy 80% of my will to meet people of all ages and cultures. The approach with the clients and their little daily worries and joys passions me like been in a Tenovela. Go of a language to another is my routine and my way to be constantly traveling while I am not in vacations! My childhood’s dream: see how are peoples every day’s life in other countries.

Languages : Italian, French, Portuguese, English, Spanish.

Hobbies :  literature, traveling, running, fashion and design.

Previous trips : Denmark, Brazil, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Swiss,  Spain, Italy, Austria, Greece, Slovenia, Madagascar, United States.



CADU – Carlos Eduardo Villela

Age : 35

Formation : Architecture & Urbanism at University of São Paulo + Master :  Asia-Pacific Metropolis at Ecole National Supérieur Paris La Villette

Currently : I practice my profession in Paris at an American agency. I don’t feel like Le Corbusier but I love my work and the opportunity it gives me to
handle different kinds of subjects. My curiosity makes me look ahead and It often materializes in my photographs that we can see in here
I am also a collaborator of a design & architecture website

Languages : Portuguese, French , English, Italian.

Hobbies : design, photography, literature, traveling, running, swimming.

Previous trips : Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg, Swiss, Germany, Spain, Italy, Austria, Sweden, England, Scotland, Greece, Hungary, Slovenia, Russia, Madagascar, Morocco, Turkey, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, United States.



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