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People at their homes                                                                                                            français português italiano

Make a trip of more than 8 months, passing  through several countries in different continents is already a hell of a project. But we needed something more. We want to bring back from our journey a little contribution to people’s understanding about their differences with each other.  To reinforce that we are all the same in all the possible ways.

Inspired in the project of Yann Arthus-Bertrand “6 billion others”, our intention is to go towards the people we will meet in our road, and make a portrait of them But a different kind of portrait. A portrait of people at their homes. Their relation with their interior/exterior life. Their space in this world.

We could say roughly that there are 1.5 billion “homes” in the world. The number of homes we could make a portrait will be like a sand grain in a desert of course, but we don’t intend to do an inventory, just our fleeting impression of the life on this planet nowadays.

And this project go perfectly well to the way we like to travel. Go to some place to learn, to meet people.

We have this curiosity of how people live, how they have grown up, what they love about their environement, and more specifically what they eat, how they decorate their homes, their way of living, sleeping, etc. Our way to travel leed us often to meet  the people. Our  Resuming, in what they are so different and at the same time so close to us? We have often see  our hosts photo album, to discover what are their backgrounds, to understand their present and imagine their future.

In parallel we will write our travel journal, because we want to share this globetrotting experience, and show to more and more people that it worth not buying a car and became richer traveling around the world. Our blog will serve to give advices, help other people, to be a sharing instrument.

Other Inspirations:

– Photographer work: Living in Shanghai, Hu yang;
– French TV program : J’Irais Dormir Chez Toi (I will sleep at your place), Antoine de Maximy
– Cadu’s architectural study in Sao Paulo (1996-2002) and a urbanism study trip to China (2006) , when he could visit peoples homes, and analyses their homes and neighborhood
75 Parisiennes by Badouin;
Gente en su Casa by Andy Goldstein.

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