South of Thailand: vacation time!

Two hours by plane from Macau and we arrive in Bangkok airport for a stop were we finally feel HOT: 34°C outside! It’s raining but … who cares?We had our first Thai meal; an empty buffet restaurant with good stuff just for us. KFC, McDonalds, etc were all full and we were by ourselves, paying 140B (around 3€) each for how much food we could bare. It seemed a nice way to wait 4 hours for our next flight.It was almost 10pm when we landed in Phuket. We did not see much of this island because we took a boat to Koh Phi Phi right on the next day (we were told not to stay longer in Phuket; good place only to chill out on a resort).We need to specify that in Thailand our trip takes the shape of a holiday; it’s hard to find the adventure here without spending more than a month exploring the most remote parts of the territory. It’s extremely easy to go from a place to another: each guesthouse is like a tourist office, we only have to say when and where we want to go, pay and it’s done! Someone we will pick us in front of the door to leave us at the nearest pear.

Loh Dalam Bay - Koh Phi Phi

Our first stop was Koh Phi Phi, the place to party and to show the perfect body. As we are too old for both of these activities, we preferred to take the siplest tour boat to visit the islands. Main attraction: Maya Beach on Koh Phi Phi Leh (where the movie The Beach was filmed): white sand, blue Tiffany water and a high density of tourists. But we got some good pictures for all of our friends in FB so we were pretty satisfy of the excursion.The rest of our time on the main island was enjoying the Loh Dalam Bay near our guesthouse, drinking fresh fruit juices and contemplating the horizon and the low tide.

Koh Lanta was our second destination. We booked by phone a bungalow recommended by Lonely Planet: the first impression was disappointing (we were in paradise and we were sleeping in a barn) but the owner was so nice and the beach of the resort next door was so good that we forgot every kind of complaining and we enjoy a beautiful sunset. In the evening we decided to go to Muslim Festival going not far from where we were (Festival that celebrates the prophet Mohammed’s birthday). We tasted a spicy salad and curry beef with rice made by the older women of the community; we ate, they prayed; they ate, we took photos of all the girls dressed in traditional costumes.Koh Lanta is way bigger than Koh Phi Phi and we decided (like everyone else) to rent a scooter and have a look around. The Old Lanta Town is a village with a small pear, a small market and some bars and guesthouses for western people. The East side is not famous for the beaches but, on the way, there are a couple of panoramic points with nice bars: it’s relaxing to stop, drink a mango juice and leave again and stop again, and…. The West coast is where the tourism is more developed (we were sleeping in the north part, not far from where the pier), we saw all kind of resorts, bars, massage shops, tourist offices and scooter rentals. It was easy to find the beaches even without a map: we had only to look at where many scooters were parked, stop and run to the water to refresh our melting heads. At the end of the day we spent more Bahts on fruit juices than for the gasoline and the scooter but we were very satisfied watching another wonderful sunset. For dinner: massaman and green curry with rice and, for dessert: a kind of steamed sweet bread with coconut milk that we found in the Muslim festival.

The third destination in the Adaman Sea was Koh Lipe, the real surprise of Thailand for the moment. We arrived there because Elisa, an Italian friend of us passionate for photo and travels as well, told us that she had a friend working in Koh Lipe. So we decided to go. We took the boat to get there; that’s the worst part of the history because the boat took about 6 hours (we were told 4) to reach a floating pear from which we had to wait to get a small boat to finally land on the white sands of Pattaya Beach. Koh Lipe is small and has only three beaches: Pattaya, Sunrise Beach and Sunset Beach; there’s no need to use the motor-taxi, except to avoid carrying the luggage.The first room we booked was badly located in the middle of trash so we spent the rest of the afternoon looking for a better accommodation which we found at the very west side of Pattaya Beach: a simple bungalow recommended by Lonely Planet. Ours was up in a small hill with limited view to the sea. It’s probably the only place run by locals and at night they serve an amazing grilled fresh fish: barracuda, sea bass, mackerel, tuna, shrimps, squids… Delicious!

From Sunrise to Sunset” could be the title of our first “busy” day in Koh Lipe: we woke up at 6am to see the sunrise and we walked till the end of Sunrise Beach were the water is really, really turquoise. During the day we stayed at Pattaya Beach enjoying the thin white sand and splash in crystalline water till the time was come to go to Sunset Beach and enjoy a romantic sunset.

On the ferry from Koh Lipe we had met 4 friends from Thailand and USA, we kept in touch with them, and the second day we rent all together a small boat to explore the islands around and to do snorkeling. It was a very good idea: even if we were not alone in the scenic spots, the beaches, the corals and the fishes are so beautiful and peaceful to make forget everything else.

 RANGE OF PRICES (1B = 0.44€)

Our bungalows:

  • Pukuet, 800B
  • Koh Phi Phi, Harmony Guesthouse, 900B
  • Koh Lant,  Hutyee Boat, 700 B
  • Koh Lipe, Daya Resort 800/ 1000B

Day trip with boat:

  • Koh Phi Phi – 400B each for 4h /600b for 6 hours
  • Koh Lipe – 1500B for a private boat


  • Phuket – Phi Phi, 600B, 2h
  • Phi Phi – Lanta, 250B, 1h
  • Lanta – Lipe, 1500B 6h (bring food!)

2 thoughts on “South of Thailand: vacation time!

    • Zeemon! Thanks a lot!!! Soon we will be the only ones who’s still left in Asia! Mathilde and Gael are in Indonesia but right after they leave to Australia…

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