Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Hong Kong!!! After a week in Yangshou, waiting for the Cadu’s working Visa to be sent by mail, we finally left China!

We took a night bus to Shenzhen. And for our surprise we slept on the floor. We explain: in the night buses in China the passengers actually lay down as if they were in a tightly bed (it’s not a sit that leans back), there are three rows in two levels. The bus was coming from Guilin and who were already on board kindly left us the worst places: at the back and on the floor where we could feel each rock on the road, each movement of the bus. Especially when part of the road is under construction! Despite all our predictions, we arrive sane and safe, except de fact that we were still feeling a kind of seasickness when we walked towards the customs. We easily crossed the border with hundreds of Chinese kids going for a day trip. A bus took us to the Hong Kong side of the border and then to the Sheung Shui MTR Station where we got the subway to Kowloon.

For the firsts two days in town we choose to do couchsurfing which is was very fun: we met Mimi and her family who were happy to share with us their life in Hong Kong and an amazing view over Shenzhen  from their 32nd floor apartment.  For the rest of our stay we have already found a room at Amy and Jens’ place, a very friendly couple. Two reasons for our choice: the location and the price. The apartment a little bit far, but in a very nice area in the New Territories with a great view to the sea. In Hong Kong everything is so expensive that Cadu accepted to take 40 minutes of bus/subway to go to work. Nice opportunity to read books, he says, like when he lived in Sèvres Rive Gauche and he had to go to Paris to work.

The first thing we did in Hong Kong was doing some shopping. Cadu urgently needed some decent clothes to go to work. He admitted it was a pleasure to shopping only because he spent 4 months wearing the same 5 t-shirt and the same tracking shoes.

After 49 days in China we are happy to discover a modern city where almost everybody speaks English, everything is clean and people are quiet, disciplined and don’t spit everywhere; it’s a little bit crowed, but, after the first week of holiday in China, we are sure we will survive.

Before meeting our hosts, we enjoyed the sunset in Victoria Harbour with a superb view of Hong Kong Island. We breathed the atmosphere of our “home” for the next two month while watching the lights of the buildings turn on little by little.

One thought on “Hong Kong

  1. Hi Fede & Cadu,

    We hope that you enjoy Hong Kong.

    Guess it is strange feeling to be back to work after months of traveling but you chose a good city. We had a great time in Hong Kong as it offers big city life but also unspoiled nature. Anyhow, looking forward to see you both on tour again 😉

    Greetings from Yangon (Myanmar),
    Andrea & Dirk

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