We are back in Ulaan Bataar after a 15 days tour in center and south Mongolia. Sometimes when we travel time does not matter, sunrise and sunset rhythm our days and we feel the nature as a real presence.

We have to thanks Mathilde and Gael who gave us the idea to take the tent and the sleeping bags and Simon and Anthony who were very motivated with our idea of taking the public buses and discover Mongolian roads, or we could say off-roads. We spent 3 days in the hostel planning the tour, finding the equipment, buying food and making plans; we were right to take our time because every day we found another piece of the puzzle of our trip. Finally we abandoned the idea to go by ourselves because of the difficulty of moving between two different regions of the country and we rented a van with a driver but no guide. This reduced a lot the cost of the trip in comparison with an organized tour and gave us a real taste of adventure.

The result: three French, a German, a Brazilian and an Italian in the hands of the Mongolian driver Togui. It sounds like the beginning of a joke but that was the start of one of the best trips we ever did!

We soon discovered that the roads are dirty tracks in the middle of the countryside and there are barely any sign posts in the whole country. The roads are like people: semi nomadic; they shift in function of the need of the population and the weather. Sometimes, the best way to arrive to destination is to follow the telephone lines or to stop and ask in some ger (Mongolian tents). People speak only Mongolian and there are not many towns along the way. Find water and food can turn easily into a problem. We did not regret to have taken a driver and we really recommend doing the same if you’re not a real adventurous person. Find the right place in this country is for locals, or very equipped people (GPS, maps, water filtering systems, thermal clothes etc).

Before writing a little bit more about Mongolia and about the trip we post some pictures to share with you this moment.

You can watch the video our dear Anthony Mahe made during the trip (if you want to know more about his trip click here: One world to see

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