Short & good time in Poland

How to get to Krakow without taking an expensive international train? Mmm… Cadu found a solution: we got a regional train from Prague until the Czech border at Cesky Tesin (we avoid putting the accents), where we crossed the border walking at 5h00 in the morning; 15 minutes after we were already in Cieszyn (small cute town in the Polish side);  then we took a bus to Krakow. Easy, don’t you think? We arrived a little bit tired but we did it!

First good surprise: our host Roberto, nice Italian guy who gave us some precious information about food (of course!), bars and sightseeing. We follow his instructions and we had our first homemade pierogi (a kind of stuffed dumplings) near the market place just behind the Galleria Kraskowska. Old ladies selling fresh fruits, dairy products and handmade socks were the best models for Cadu’s camera.

We had the impression that Krakow (except the historical center) is a city for young people to chill out; we walked along the river bank and we reach the Hotel Forum. In the ground floor of this huge hotel, closed due to structural problems, they improvise a lounge bar with a big outdoor area with sand.  People relax on beach chairs with a nice view of the river and the old city. There is also a big and bright inside space with a cosy atmosphere.

On Sunday we explored the castle and the main squares and churches of the old town but we did not visit any museums; we know, it’s almost unbelievable, but we did not see Leonardo masterpiece Lady with an Ermine. A good excuse to come back! We preferred to wander again in the streets, outside the walls and sit in a bench watching Polish families all in their Sunday (church) dresses.

We consecrated one day visiting Auschwitz, a real parenthesis in our trip. We did not know if going or not and finally we did. We think we took the good decision and we were touched. It’s hard to explain the feelings because it’s too hard to understand how it could have happened. We left Krakow with a good lesson, that’s it.

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