Wir lieben Dresden

We have chosen the cheapest trains to move inside Germany: the regional ones. Our first plan was to go to Berlin and Dresden was on the way. We decided to discover it searching a room to share on but we realized that it’s not as simple as it looks like when you are not part of the community. We finally found a room on and it was great!

Our arrival was marked by the scent of trees and an amazing sunset. The light was perfect to take some pictures of the newly renovated baroque buildings and the communist residential bars closer to the train station.

Dresden was 90% destroyed by the air raid in 1945. A part of it was rebuilt with the Soviet support, the other after the German reunification. The result is the impressive scenery that surprises the spectators, but that seems made just for touristic purposes. By chance, searching for “the most beautiful dairy shop in the world”, we found out where Dresden inhabitants really live: Neuestadt. It’s a district on the right side of the Elbe where houses and sidewalks fascinate for its decadence. Renovation works has already started.

We celebrated our last night in Germany and the full moon in a Biergarten by the river with one liter of bear admiring the old city’s facades on the other side.

One thought on “Wir lieben Dresden

  1. Oi Cadu e Fede, falamos de vocês hoje, com Laurent e Martine…. que bom saber que vocês estao aproveitando. Beijos Sally

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