Sommerzeit in Zürich

We arrived in Zurich where Isabel, Christian and Luiza were waiting for us. They told us that Zurich is the best city to be in summertime and that’s true because you can take a bike for free (Zurirollt) and ride along the lake and in the historical center. In 2 days you have the time to swim, to sunbath, to visit the city, to eat the best bratwusrt at Sternen in the Opera district and to drink Swiss bear near the canal.

Thanks to our friends advices we discovered the model of Zurich made in wood: an astonishing work that shows you the city plan in 3D. It is divided in slices that move on rails so you can easily approach the part of the town you’re interested on. The model is in the Zurich Planning Department and it’s for free. It’s a very good plan for architects!

5 thoughts on “Sommerzeit in Zürich

  1. Oi Cá e Fê , eu me lembro de ter gostado muito de Zurich também . Faltam fotos de vocês dois !! Beijos . Pai

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