One month to go…

Here we are…

It’s time to review our check-list. The result of four months of researches is now appearing:

– Vaccines are bought, ready to go to the doctor to spend a good moment with the needles. Yellow fever for Cadu (checked),  typhoid fever and hepatitis A for both of us and tetanus for Fede.

– Visa: we’re preparing the papers to submit to the consulates. Fede needs 3 weeks to obtain the Russian Visa, and 2 more weeks to get the Mongolian one. At this point timing is important: you need to know how long a consulate will stuck your passport and how many days you have to enter in a country after the Visa is delivered. For example: the Russian consulate will keep Fede’s passport for 3 weeks and she has 45 days to enter in Russia. If you’re visiting many countries the best way is to make a file with all the information you collect.

– Credit Cards: it’s better to have more than one credit card, in order to avoid problems with payments and pick-pockets. Check the expiring date.

– Documents: we have already scanned our passports, insurances policies and drive licence. One copy we carry with us and two others are with our parents and don’t forget to send yourself by mail.

– Emergency numbers: we’ve written the numbers of the Brazilian   embassies on the countries we’re going to visit and the numbers to block our credit cards.

– Photo storage: we need to figure this out. We’re searching the best way to keep our photos and files without the risk to lose them.  We’re thinking about Dropbox or iClouds. any suggestions?

– Material: often we carry a lot of stuff that we don’t need: bad habit. We have to learn how to minimise our luggage because we’re really going to carry them on our backs for the next 8 months.  So one paire of shoes is enough!!! We have to take care of them…

All of it it’s easy, the hard part will be to leave all our friends and our life here in Paris. So many people to say goodbye, so many places to visit before going away and so many memories we’re gonna take with us.

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