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The 48h from Ile de Sainte Marie till Paris

After get informed how to leave the island, we decided to get the boat early in the morning. We manage to contact a taxi driver that would pass in our one day resort at 5am. But we were not sure he will appear. 4h50 he was there and it was a relief. The boat we took was managed by some Italians that organize excursions to see whales when they appear on this coast line.

Well, 4h of boat ride to arrive to the coast. There was a van (same companies of the boat) waiting for us in Soanierana Ivongo. Federica went to find a bathroom (mission impossible) leaving me behind with 4 backpacks and a sea of people offering me to carry them to the bus. The pier, or jetty was all falling apart an myself surrounded by a crowd! Fede got back and just then we could go to the van.

Direction was Tamatave where we would take either a plane or a taxi brousse. On our way we decided to get of the van at Foulpointe. a known beach area for the Antananarivo’s inhabitants. But before getting there we had a bonus! A flat tire… Real show on the road!

Foulpointe: Our stay, 2hours. We have found a hotel by walking and at this point we just thought about a good day on the beach. However the lady of the hotel informed us that there were no taxi brousse from there that would take us to Tana till Monday morning. That meant we would lose our plane to Paris.

We had to move. And we start to get worried weather we would ever arrive to Tana. No transportation, no taxi brousse, no taxi… solution find a guy who sometimes drive people until Tamatave. At the little town of Foulpointe we find this guy at his restaurant. He was ok to take us but we were not sure of one thing: how much had drunk that sunny Saturday morning. But one thing we were sure: he was drunk…

Beautiful landscape on the way! First time we saw the travelers tree (national symbol of Madagascar) so abundantly in its natural environment; clove trees, and improvised bridges.

Once in Tamatave and after a lunch with a view of the harbor, we tried in vain to find a plane to Tana: Our fate was the taxi brousse. So we went to the area where concentrated several companies of taxi brousses or buses.  We have chose one that would arrive at 3am. and another question came to us. What to do once we arrive. We thought finding a hotel before going back to our host house.

In the middle of our 12h trip in a small van we receive a Texto from Tiana: “when we arrive in the bus d=station in tana don’t leave from where you are; It’s very dangerous.” Little stress to us.

We finaly arrive at 1am. 2 hours before expected and we thinking what we are going to do till 6 am in the streets of this dangerous area? Instead of going to a central station our van went to its garage in another part f the town. So that’s was it we would be closed out from the gates. Taxis drivers looking us inside the van as we were fresh meet arriving in the butcher…

The van parked and for our surprise no one got off. It was the first time we dare asking something to our trip fellow.
– What is going on?
A very sympathetic lady answerd us.
– It’ s very dangerous outside, everybody will wait here till the sun come up.

So we got 5 more hours to wait inside the van trying to sleep. Eventualy people started to get off to go to the bathroom. And us as well. After 17 days trying all kinds of differet foods and fruits our guts were way more active than normal…

6am: Finaly the sunrise and as a terror movie, we were free of the vimpires of the dark night… We shared a cad till the city center. We still wanted to wait in a hotel before going to Tiana’s house. It was 1st of November, day of the deads. We didn’t want to bell the ring too early. We arrived near the trains station and we started to get out of the cab. It didn’t take moke than few seconds to see it was not a good idea. There was a feeling of certain insecurity. The city wans’t already waken up. The shops weren’t opened yet. But lots of people wandered with no clear direction…

We asked to the driver to take us to our host house. We would wait outside of the door. Our adventure was finishing. sunday was a relaxation day, souvenirs shopping, a good restaurant in a nice neighbourhood and time to  close our bags. Nest day we would be back in france in the most tight seats a plane company could ever offer a client. Thank you Corsairs…

I manage to get the front line seat. A relief. But at my back was one of the musicians of the Alpha Blondy (sat not far from us); with his long leg on my back! well it’s a part of the traveling experience!
Aa song from them against poverty: Jah Glory

11hours flight, three shit girly movies and a worderful Saara and the Nile overflight before we were back home. Missing Madagascar already. Mora Mora

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